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E-mobility now! refuel electricity - save enviroment


How? With professional charging stations for electric cars for commercial and private customers. 

The electromobility is present - the transition in this new era is on. But electric cars needs charging stations to recharge their battery pack again. Today it is easy to install this charging stations everywhere and connect it on the existing electricity network. So you refuel the electricity where you park your car.


E-mobilität has a lot of advantages. To drive with electricity...

  • ... reduces emissions
  • ... save the enviroment
  • ... make fuel costs lower
  • ... make you independent on expensive fossil energy sources.

That is why we specialize on it, to install the charging stations in different extent. Namely from the single version to the complete networking solution with diverse charging points. That´s why we rely on the portfolio of our quality partner MENNEKES. 

Certificate MENNEKES quality partner e-mobility

Thereby it is our goal to make the charging for electric cars easy, comfortable and reliable for you. In Bühlerzell we have a charging station ourselves. At this all customers and partners can refuel their car for free, if they are at the company.

electric car Wied

If we have aroused your interest and you would like to find out more, you can contact us.