Elektrotechnik Wied – Ihr kompetenter Partner in Sachen Elektroinstallation, Smart Home, Automatisierungstechnik und Schaltschrankbau in und um Schwäbisch Hall, Crailsheim und Ellwangen.



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With the help of the so called responsive web, Wied offers users the opportunity to visit the site using different end devices. The web page conveniently adapts automatically to the size of the mobile device you are using.

Responsive web design means the layout and content of the site automatically adjusts to the mobile device being used. Media queries identifying the type and capacity of the user´s device, display layout elements of a website irrespective of the end device being used. As a result, the website is presented differently on a desktop computer than on a tablet.

The output mode of the website is freely scaled and, hence, available for all devices. Responsive web design replaces the normal "mobile version" of a website, which is usually created for only one end device and not multiple ones. Different web pages synchronize automatically through CMS, eliminating any additional effort.