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Repetitive Testing Following DGUV V3 Regulation

Our certified specialists can test all your operating capital, both stationary machines and portable equipment according to DGUV V3 regulations.

tests and measurements


As an employer it is huge responsibility to provide regular compliance testing of all your electronic equipment and devices. Failing to fulfill you obligations has severe consequences. In the event of an incident causing damages this could lead to loss of insurance coverage, monetary losses, as well as possible im imprisonment.

Which testing do we offer?

  • VDE 0701-0702 Regulation Testing on Portable Equipment
  • VDE 0113/EN60204 Regulation Testing on Machines and Devices
  • VDE 0105 Section 100 Regulation Testing on Electric Installation

Why is testing so important?

  • To guard your employees from harm or even loss of life.
  • To check for small needed repairs before they become larger more costly ones and to detect wear damage on your electronic devices.
  • To protect your company from costly damages and avoid hefty fines.

 Have questions regarding testing and measurements? Contact us we would be happy to assist you.

Thermal Equipment Analysis

thermal plant analyse

Thermograph is a flexible, non-damaging test procedure that can be done without interfering with your production processes. Through thermographic recording it is possible to watch over every facet of your  product on process and the installation engineering in order to detect hazards early and correct any malfunctions which could halt production. By means of a heat imaging camera, invisible heat radiation creates an electrical signal which is coverted into a picture for the human eye.

In this way weak points such as overheating and wear damage are detected so that repairs can be made.

Diverse Advantages of using this process

  • Optimizing Equipment Safety
  • Optimizing Equipment Reliability
  • Reducing Disruption to Production
  • Reducing Maintenance Costs through Planned Repairs
  • Lowering Energy Costs

Routine Service and Maintenance on Machines and Equipment

To guarantee an undisturbed production process regular maintenance and service is mandatory. This builds a basis for reliability of your Production Equipment, in that it minimizes downtown as well as costs. It would be our pleasure to guide you through routine service and maintenance.

 Summary of our services

  • Preventative Routine Maintenance is the basis for a long life expectancy for your Equipment
  • Inventory/ Inspection of all equipment
  • Investigation/ Calculation of Maintenance intervals
  • Weak point Analysis
  • Service & Maintenance Repairs
  • Regular Interval Maintenance
  • Installations
  • Consultings & Customer Service